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Professional Fashion & Beauty Magento Themes, covering a wide range of categories, provide a limitless and trusted eCommerce solution for any business need.Great way to raise Fashion & Beauty Magento tems.Create Your Site Easily with Fashion & Beauty Magento Themes from TemplateStores.

Magento (and more specifically, Magento Commerce) has proven to be a popular choice for enterprise eCommerce brands. According to Salmon, Magento accounts for 31.4% of top 100,000 eCommerce sites.

Best Premium Fashion & Beauty Magento Themes

Showing off the latest fashion trends call for a highly visual approach. This means showing high-quality images to catch the attention of visitors and a layout that complements that purpose. They will be a perfect fit for a fashion & beauty portal. Aside from following the latest in web design trends, these Fashion & Beauty Magento Templates offer a wide range of features to facilitate the needs of any online store or fashion magazine.

Whether you’re catering to general fashion or something as specific as women’s fashion, the grid or list category views will allow visitors to view their options in a more organized fashion within a simple layout. The accordion gallery script, on the other hand, will let you put all your latest styles in one big gallery. Top it off with video integration, and you’ve got perfect visuals to go with the template’s online store functionality.

Of course, you’ll always have 24/7 customer service to back you up. For design purposes, you have access to a wide collection of high-quality stock photos. And the best part is that they’re all for free!

Don the look sported by these Magento Themes for Fashion & Beauty websites and be one step closer to being the top fashion site!

Magento opensource vs. Magento commerce

First things first, an enterprise needs to know the difference between Magento Commerce and Magento Opensource.

  • Magento Opensource: Formerly known as Magento Community, Magento Opensource The free version of Magento that can be downloaded, customized, and self-hosted.
  • Magento Commerce: Formerly, Magento Commerce came in two versions, Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud. Those two versions have been unified, leaving us with Magento Commerce, a premium version of Magento Opensource that includes cloud-hosting as part of the subscription fee.

magento logo

Magento Opensource is available for everyone to download free of charge. It’s an open source platform that is free to use and you’re able to extend and configure the platform as you please. Also, Opensource users have access to a vast range of extensions and themes and are supported by a growing community.

Magento Commerce on the other hand, is a premium version with prices starting from $22,000 per year if you’re using Magento 2. However, this fee rises If your company’s GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) is more than $1 million.

As you’d expect, Magento Commerce gives you more functionality, including advanced marketing features, customer reward programs and targeted promotions. Plus, you get 24/7 support from Magento’s technical team.

Magento Commerce customers can also decide between an on-premise deployment and a cloud-hosted solution. The latter carries an even heftier price tag but gives you a cloud-hosted environment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a SaaS eCommerce solution.

But even then, using Magento Commerce has some drawbacks that an ambitious enterprise should consider.

eCommerce Without Limits

With Magento Commerce’s power, flexibility, and practicality, you compromise nothing Magento Commerce, offers a one-of-a-kind eCommerce solution with enterprise power, unlimited scalability, and open-source flexibility for B2C and B2B experiences. Magento allows you to create unique, full-lifecycle customer experiences proven to generate more sales. No matter what your company’s size or goals — omnichannel, global expansion, mobile — Magento delivers everything you need for growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Magento Commerce

No other eCommerce platform gives you the power to create unique, limitless, and engaging shopping experiences while offering the security, performance, and low TCO benefits of cloud services. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unlimited ability to customize, a flexible headless architecture, and seamless third-party integrations. With Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, you’re supported by a global ecosystem of merchants, partners, and developers who will bring your commerce vision to life. It’s time to innovate, scale, and achieve extraordinary growth for your small, medium or enterprise business.

Small Business

Magento Commerce is an all-in-one solution that delivers the power of Magento at affordable prices for small business.

  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Endlessly customizable platform
  • Trusted by the world’s fastest-growing merchant base

Mid-Market & Enterprise

An endlessly customizable platform designed for growth, from the global leader in reliable commerce solutions.

  • Integrated B2B functionality
  • Cloud-hosted, extensible, and scalable
  • Enterprise-grade performance

Fashion & Beauty Magento Themes

From weddings to casual wear, your style deserves grand scale showcasing with the help of high quality photos in a user-friendly store.

This calls for a Magento Template that features a fully functional gallery script alongside an online store function.

Fashion Beauty Magento Themes

Create engaging shoppable experiences, find the way forward for your business, and get inspired to get online.


10 Magento Extensions

The Top Magento 2 Extensions by TemplateStores comes with a bulk of amazing features that allow the merchants to do more on their online stores via the richness of the categories including Sales and Motivations, Content Management, even User Experience, Checkout, etc.

Every single day our experienced developers’ team works on developing the most powerful Magento 2 & Magento 1 modules for your store.

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