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Professional Design & Photography Woocommerce Themes, covering a wide range of categories, provide a limitless and trusted solution for any business need.Great way to raise Design & Photography Woocommerce tems.Create Your Site Easily with Design & Photography Woocommerce Themes from TemplateStores.

In this post, we have listed and hand-picked the best business themes in 2020. These themes can cover almost everyone’s goal to develop their site, because of their flexibility and their customizability.

Design & Photography Woocommerce Themes

Whether you are an amateur photographer who takes photos as a hobby or a professional photographer who wants to earn a living by selling photographs, the simplest way is by setting up a website to showcase and highlight your creativity.

Now you can put up your photos on a website and the world is your marketplace! And the easiest way of doing this is by using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. You will also need some WooCommerce WordPress photography themes for your website.

Design Photography Woocommerce Themes

How Can I Find a WordPress Theme for My Business?

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your small business is important. It’ll make sure that you don’t have to change your theme every time your website grows or changes.

So try these tips for choosing the best WordPress theme:

  1. Think About Niche: Make sure the theme works in your industry. If you’re a blogger, look for a theme that shows off content. If you own an online store, look for eCommerce themes.
  2. Pick Your Look: Do you want a bold and modern look to display your creative side? Or a simple and straightforward website for easy navigation? Make sure your theme matches your brand.
  3. Choose Responsive: Gone are the days where your small business website could get away with not being optimized for mobile. That’s why it’s super important you always go with a responsive theme, so your site looks good on computers, phones, and tablets.
  4. Look for SEO Support: Poorly coded HTML (more commonly found in free themes) can negatively impact your search engine rankings.
  5. Check Browser Compatibility: Make sure your theme will look good on all browsers, not just the one you use. 
  6. Check Plugin Integration: Make sure your theme will support important and widely-used plugins. There are a ton of WordPress plugins, but some are must-haves for any small business site.
  7. Consider Support: When you need help with your theme, you’ll want to have access to customer support. Make sure that you pick a WordPress theme that has proper documentation and support options.
  8. Consider Type: Just getting started and need to launch your website but still want to work on it? You may want to check out the best WordPress coming soon themes and plugins and how to create a coming soon page in WordPress.

WooCommerce Themes for Design & Photography

Since you’re planning on selling your photographs via your website, you would also need an eCommerce plugin for your website. WooCommerce is the most popular one and it works well with WordPress. You can use the WooCommerce plugin to set up an online store for your photographs in very little time. The plugin also supports many modes of payment including credit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers, and Cash on Delivery. So visitors to your site will have lots of choice in selecting a mode of payment.

If you have no knowledge of web design, the quickest way of setting up your website is by using a theme that’s designed for your task. WordPress comes with a few themes pre-installed. These are bare essential themes. They may not have all the features required for setting up a photography website or store.

We have a good collection of photography WordPress E commerce templates. You can click on the links on this page to learn more about our themes. You can also visit the Live Demo pages of our themes. This will give you an idea of how a website will look if designed with the theme. These themes will all work with WooCommerce, of course.


100% Responsive Design

Any website created with our themes will automatically resize depending on the device the user is using. So, whether your visitors use a PC, a tablet, or a browser, they will get the best view of your website.

Filterable Portfolio

As a photographer, you’ll have many different types of photographs. Visitors to your site may not be interested in all the photographs. With our themes, your users can filter the view of the photo portfolio to see only certain types of photographs. This way, they’ll be able to quickly find the photograph they want to buy from you.

Fantastic Sliders & Carousels

Our themes include sliders and carousels. Using these sliders and carousels, you can put up impressive slideshows of your photographs for your prospective customers.

Lazy Load Effect

Usually, as the number of images on a web page increases, the page takes longer to load. And if that happens, impatient users may not stay long enough till all the images load. Now, we don’t want that to happen. So, our themes use the Lazy Load effect. Images will load only when the user scrolls down to them. This way, pages will always load quickly, since only 2 or 3 images will be loaded at a time.

Google Fonts

You can create attractive pages with over 600 Google fonts to choose from. Choose the best font depending on your content. For example, you could use Oxygen Light for a collection of children’s photographs. Or you could use Monda Regular for a modern look.

Multilingual (WPML ready)

As we told you, in the beginning, thanks to the Internet, the world is your marketplace. But, unfortunately, not all countries in the world use English. So, if your website is only in English, you could be missing out on a large number of non-English speaking customers. This problem is easily remedied using our WooCommerce themes. Our themes are WPML ready, which means you can have multi-lingual versions of your website. Now you can sell your photographs to customers who don’t even speak your language!

5 Premium Design & Photography Woocommerce Themes

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Cookware WooCommerce Theme

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