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Professional 10 Best Magento 2 Extensions provide a limitless and trusted solution for your business need.All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers.

Magento (and more specifically, Magento Commerce) has proven to be a popular choice for enterprise eCommerce brands. According to Salmon, Magento accounts for 31.4% of top 100,000 eCommerce sites.

The Top Magento 2 Extensions by TemplateStores comes with a bulk of amazing features that allow the merchants to do more on their online stores via the richness of the categories including Sales and Motivations, Content Management, even User Experience, Checkout, etc.

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MegaMenu extension from Magento allows creating complex menus with the ability to create compound menus that will redirect the users to product pages, category pages, or any other external URL items directly from the top menu. That will provide smooth navigation throughout the website and increase your store potential greatly.

The plugin has a responsive design and easy-to-understand options.

Moreover, the MegaMenu Extension has the ability to add a unique label for the definite category in order to inform the customers about new arrivals, sales and other promotions in the form of badges.

Hit the Live Demo and try MegaMenu Magento Extension at work.

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Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension by Aheadworks introduces the adjustable and performance optimized Magento 2 checkout page, which significantly speeds up the checkout process. The provided Magento 2 checkout module is highly configurable, adjustable to custom themes, and suitable for any device. Customers can apply gift cards, reward points, store credits, coupon codes, and edit items in their carts directly on the checkout page. The provided one page checkout has little to no distraction elements and features, and the “Place Order” button always visible as a call to action. Store owners can define default values for fields, autodetect countries by customer IPs, take advantage of the automated address suggestions. The built-in reports show the process bottlenecks to be removed and the number of abandoned checkouts to be reduced.

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Blogging is a way to inform your audience about products. In a blog post, you can show how to use a product and why people should buy it. Blog extension for Magento 2 features a wide range of customization options as post and page layout, number of posts per page, and different sidebar compositions.

The Blog extension allows displaying related, recent or popular products and posts on your homepage; create multiple categories in the blog section to classify posts and present them in a good manner.

Moreover, the module has lots of options that allow customizing the widget and making it match the corporate style of your business.

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Site Maintenance Magento 2 extension is developed to create and display “Coming Soon” page with a site-wide notification about maintenance on your website.

This page will be shown to every site-visitor, while the page is up.

Site Maintenance Coverage

This Magento 2 module can be used:

  • It can be used to inform the site visitors about some technical issues.
  • Can be used as a landing page for clients who come across your web site.

The coming soon page can be customized to inform the clients about definite launch time and date with the help of newsletter subscription form.

Module gives a possibility to whitelist certain IPs, add a countdown revealing the exact time when the site maintenance will be over. The extension is fully responsive and will look great on screen of any gadget, whether it will be a smartphone or tablet.

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Zemez Newsletter Pop-up Extension is a great solution for marketing strategy. It allows displaying a notification with a proposal to subscribe to the store newsletter in the form of a pop-up window.

The module contains a subscription form with the help of which you can create and place an invitation to subscribe or inform your clients about the best deals, new arrivals or some other helpful notifications.

  • The extension is compliance with GDPR.
  • Developed according to Magento standards.
  • Easy integration into the design.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Responsive pop-up window.
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Zemez Featured Products Extension is developed to mark some particular products as featured and display them on the Home Page of your store.

This extension is aimed to attract more attention to the featured products and to prompt the customers or site visitors to buy these products.

Encourage more sales while saving your customers’ time and efforts in finding desired items with Zemez Featured Products Magento premium extension.

You can sort featured products by product price, position, name, and other parameters.

Hit the Live Demo right now.

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Ajax Compare Magento Extension anables your online store visitors to add products to Compare List without reloading the page, improves result visualization, and allows to customize the compare function on your website.

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Zemez AJAX Search will significantly change your conception about Live-search extensions for e-Commerce Websites. This extension will impress your site visitors with easy live search functions and is fully customizable trough Admin Panel. You web-store visitors will be able to see any search results without needing to reload the page. Check Zemez Ajax Search extension Live-demo at our demo store!

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Zemez Ajax Wishlist Magento 2 extension will enable your customers to add as many products to the Wish List as they want without reloading the entire page. Check the Live-Demo!

Every single day our experienced developers’ team works on developing the most powerful Magento 2 & Magento 1 modules for your store.

About Magento 2 Extensions by TemplateStores

Magento 2 offers unparalleled functionality and customization potential for your store. Given our design and development experience, we couldn’t simply pass by this great opportunity to offer our solutions for the Magento 2 community. Our experienced developers carefully craft the best Magento 2 modules that fulfill all of the major requirements: great code, awesome functionality and intuitive management. With our products, you can focus on offering appealing products and increasing your revenue stream, without worrying about the tools that you need to achieve these goals.

What Is So Special About Our Magento 2 Extensions?

Stand-alone Use

Each plugin and extension from our collection can be used with any template from any provider.

Highly Functional

Our Magento 2 extensions were created to make the management process for any Magento 2 store smoother and much more reliable. We’ve made sure to follow all of the industry standards for a functionality of each of our modules. This means that you’re getting the same OR a better set of features and settings within our Magento 2 extensions than you could get from similar 3rd party modules.

24/7/365 Lifetime Support

Have any questions or need assistance with your Magento 2 extensions by TemplateStores? Our helpful support team is at your disposal anytime. It comes for free with all of our Magento 2 modules, so you don’t have to pay for ridiculously priced support packages, offered by other vendors.

Built by Certified Magento 2 Developers

All of our Magento 2 extensions were created by professional and certified Magento 2 developers. This means that Magento 2 modules by TemplateStores maintain the highest code standards, constructed according to the best Magento 2 practices. Our extensions are highly efficient, bug-free and reliable.

Intuitive Design and Management

Magento 2 is a complex system in itself. That’s why additional clutter within a Magento 2 extension could really ruin your day, as a store owner. That’s why we made sure to simplify the management and UI of our extensions, so you could spend more time actually working on your store. All of our extensions also include detailed documentation.

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